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Italy's museums, archaeological areas and monuments

Integrated Information System

The Integrated Information System supplies both overall summary information and detailed individual information on all Italian museums, archaeological areas and monumental complexes open to the public - whether state-run or not.

The information supplied has been gathered thanks to the collaboration - regulated by a protocol agreement between Istat, the Ministry and the Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Italy - based on precise agreed definitions, methodologies and procedures. The result is an exhaustive, up-to-date and uniform picture of museum display structures in Italy, describing how many there are, where they are, how they are organised and managed, what activities they carry out and how they relate to their visitors and their local territories.

The System offers a flexible way of exploring this rich mass of information, providing personalised navigation paths and search functions according to the user's specific information requirements: from statistical analysis of aggregate regional data to viewing descriptive material on individual museum structures, to links with other online data sources (musei D-Italia, Cultura Italia, regional information systems, ecc.).